Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is free... but divorce will cost you $20K

Happy Valentine's Day (almost)!

I am reflecting on the fact that, in this past week, I have had 3 consults for divorce & divorce-related matters. I now have a couple of new clients, in an area from which I did not expect to see much work.

According to my latest newsletter from the Massachusetts Bar Association, divorce business is booming for practitioners, and yet miscellaneous articles in the mainstream media have been saying that "people cannot afford to get divorced" in this economy, and that Bankruptcy attorneys are the ones making a killing.

I have heard that financial difficulties or differences in handling finances are often the root of divorce. All I can say is, from my personal experience, people seem even likelier to split now, under the tremendous stress that this economy is causing. Even more likely, people will seek modifications of their existing alimony or child support payments, in order to survive the downturn.

This has been my first-hand experience, and I expect that my family law practice will probably continue to expand.

Somehow I feel a little guilty about being the grim reaper of love during this particular holiday!

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