Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lawyering is fun when....

Over the years, I have had some humorous experiences in the law. Here are a few that still make me chuckle:

Probating a will: the very first article of the will directed the executor to burn the decedent's bedroom furniture! But why? Were her memories in that room so good or so BAD?! I wish I could have been the lawyer who drafted that will, because I would definitely have asked why. I do not know if the executor actually carried out this directive, but by law he should have!

Probating another will: decedent directs his executor to clean out his extensive video collection before letting family into the house. 'nuff said.

Trust administration: Most families fight over money, but in this 6 million dollar trust estate, we had the two beneficiaries fighting over the family photo collection. Family photos. We had to collect them and hold them in safekeeping and negotiate how they would be duplicated and divided. The two beneficiaries ultimately ended up suing each other.

Criminal Defense case, assault & battery charge- the defendant is a woman, accused of attacking her boyfriend with a tire chain. Where did she get the tire chain, was it just lying around the kitchen, or what? And aren't those things REALLY heavy, how did she swing it??

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