Thursday, September 29, 2011

Denise Kent Law Group joins ElderCounsel & WealthCounsel


Denise Kent of the Denise Kent Law Group is pleased to announce her affiliation with WealthCounsel LLC – a nationwide collaboration of trusts and estate attorneys and other legal, tax and business professionals, and also with
ElderCounsel LLC, a collaboration of Elder Law attorneys. As a member, Kent contributes to and draws on
the knowledge and expertise of thousands of her colleagues.

Attorney Kent said that she joined WealthCounsel in order to offer clients the most up-to-date estate planning strategies, and joined ElderCounsel in order to provide the most sophisticated solutions to issues facing the elderly and disabled. Using their resources, clients are assisted with cutting-edge planning techniques executed in documents that are comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-read.

WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel members contribute to the ongoing development of practice systems through web-based discussion groups, study groups and continuing education courses. This year's curriculum offering include such topics as, "Power of the Lifetime QTIP", "Using LLC
to Protect Family Assets", "Trustee Selection for Irrevocable Trusts" and “Medicaid Immersion”.

WealthCounsel systems were recently praised during the 45th annual Philip E. Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning hosted by the University of Miami School of Law.

Kent is pleased to bring such quality to her practice, and
looks forward to utilizing colleagues and resources to deliver technically up-to-date peer-reviewed documents, advice and counsel for clients.

Denise Kent founded the Denise Kent Law Group in 2008, and practices together with her associate, attorney Suzanne Benfield. Their practice areas include Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, and Elder Law, as well as certain Family Law services, such as Divorce Mediation. Key services include Medicaid Planning
and Special Needs Trusts.

Kent is a graduate of Gordon College and Mass School of Law and is licensed to practice in Massachusetts and the U.S. District Courts of Massachusetts. In additon, she earned a Certificate in Trust and Estate Planning, from The Foundation for Continuing Legal Education, Inc., Wenham, MA

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Elder Law and How I Help

I practice Elder Law, which, in general, means that I assist elderly and/or disabled people find the help and the resources to live as independently as possible, with respect and dignity. Long-term care can be devastating to a person’s lifestyle, finances and security. It drastically alters or completely eliminates the three principal retirement dreams of elderly Americans, which are:
1. Remaining independent in the home without intervention from others
2. Maintaining good health and receiving adequate health care
3. Having enough money for everyday needs and not outliving assets and income
Have you considered the following:
What do you want your children or friends to do on your behalf?
When it comes time for them to help, what if you can't say what you want because of a physical or mental disability? This is where a written estate plan comes into effect.

Do you have a financial plan or long term care insurance? Retirement savings can disappear quickly when used for care services.

What types of care services and facilities are available and what are the costs?

What will government programs pay for and how do you qualify?

When you make directives, assignments and arrangements in advance of needing elder care, then everyone involved can follow the prearranged care plan. In a best-case scenario, an individual has made financial, legal and personal long term care plans years before. Without such planning, families often find themselves in crisis where time, money and lifestyle are sacrificed, and caregivers suffer both emotionally and medically themselves.
There are a lot of new services and programs available to draw from, and it’s my pleasure to work with families and assist them in navigating the maze of pressing health care and financial needs.
Denise Kent
“Helping people, one family at a time.”