Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What kinds of matters do we handle in a practice focused on Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law?

1. Estate planning, including more advanced tax planning issues for estates subject to Federal or State estate taxation;

2. Asset protection planning, including implementation of asset-protection trusts, in conjunction with structuring of business entities, such as LLC’s.

3. Long-term care planning, including advice regarding long-term care insurance and the availability of Medicaid;

4. Guardianship of the person and conservatorship of the estate;

5. Probate (or other procedures required on a person’s death), including will contests, and trust administrations;

6. Planning and implementation of “living wills” and other advance directives and health care rights;

7. Planning for the care of physically or mentally disabled children and adults, including special needs trusts;

8. Counseling on availability of Veteran’s Benefits, and prosecuting such claims as necessary;

9. Dissolution of marriage where one spouse is physically or mentally disabled;

10. Elder abuse and exploitation.

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