Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

I think it fitting that my inaugural post coincides with the new year, and good riddance to 2008! This blawg (slang for law blog) will record my journey in the establishment of my solo law practice.
While I had always wanted to open my own practice some day, circumstances sort of dropped me into the road a bit sooner than I had planned for; but then, who could have counted on anything in 2008? And so I find myself renting a little office in my small hometown, and looking forward to the journey ahead.

I found it helpful to read other blawgs over the past couple of years, while I had planned my own practice, and those blawgs will be noted here. The information I amassed has been a great help to me. There are myriad decisions as to practice location, marketing, software, choice of rental situations, office equipment, etc., not to mention what type of law to specialize in. Although I have a strong base of experience in Estates & Trusts, which encompasses probate, guardianships, and Medicaid planning, I realize that as a new business I will need to diversify, in order to remain afloat.

I am sharing office spaces with several other attorneys, and I find I both need and enjoy the company, the mentoring of more experienced attorneys, and the general ambiance of a "law firm" feel, without actually having a boss. I have been pleasantly surprised by the offers of support, in both time and materials, from other solos. My challenge will be to grow and maintain a practice in which I hope to establish a rewarding and fulfilling practice and a positive work/life balance. It helps that I like people, and I love helping people.

My background in Estate Planning is a good foundation for a specialization in Elder Law (mainly Medicaid Planning). My most rewarding professional experiences stem from helping those who are least powerful, and assisting families in times of crises. To that end, I will be presenting seminars on related Estate Planning and Elder Law topics. I will also post here various articles and information that people might find helpful.

Here's to a better, brighter New Year!

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  1. Anonymous11/1/09 22:55

    Best of luck to you Denise - may 2009 bring you happiness, good health and prosperity.